Matching wine to asparagus combinations

Since the exact fit between wine and asparagus depends on how it is prepared and the ingredients in the dish, here is a small list:

Asparagus with melting butter:

The high fat content in the butter enhances the flavour of the asparagus and enhances its own taste. When choosing the wine, it is therefore important to ensure that it is strong enough to withstand the sauce.

Our wine recommendation: Dry fresh white wines, e.g. Pinot Blanc or Chardonnay.

Asparagus with hollandaise sauce:

The sauce hollandaise also consists to a large extent of butter. Therefore, the same applies here as for the preparation of asparagus with melted butter. Since fats harmonize well with alcohol, the choice also depends on the alcohol content and the age of the wine.

Our wine recommendation: matured dry white wines e.g. Sauvignon blanc, Pinot Blanc Spätlese 2-3 years old.

SpargelstangenGreen asparagus as salad:

Our wine recommendation: light dry white wines e.g. Silvaner or Rivaner. The Silvaner is considered to be reserved in taste and thus gives the asparagus precedence in terms of taste. The Rivaner is generally a dry wine with slight acidity and a soft apple note.

Asparagus with fruity foam sauce:

Our wine recommendation: fruity white wine with slight residual sweetness, e.g. semi-dry Riesling or Muscat d'Alsace (dry).

Asparagus with ham:

This classic combination is dominated by the salt in the ham, so the wine should not be too dry. General rule of thumb: The stronger the ham, the stronger the wine can be.

Our wine recommendation: fine fruity Riesling

Wines to other dish combinations with asparagus

Combination of asparagus with fish

Here it is no longer just a question of which wine goes well with asparagus, but rather of the overall combination.

However, it is also very important which sauce is served with the dish. More substantial sauce = more substantial wine!

The finer the fish, the finer the wine should be. Here is the rule again that the wine should not be too acidic. Light rosé wine also goes well with a piece of salmon or trout.

Our wine recommendation: Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc. Light cuvées are also a suitable combination.

Wine recommendations for combining asparagus with meat

It should be noted here that asparagus can quickly fade into the background. Meat and sauce are rather dominant in this dish. When combined with pork fillet, strongly ripened white wines are suitable. But also light red wines can be combined well. Beef fillet is more suitable with Pinot Noir.

For the warm summer days we also recommend the page wine recommendation for grilling.

Last but not least, your own taste counts first and other combinations between wine and asparagus are also possible. So be creative and open to new variations. Find your perfect wine with asparagus. We wish you good luck and a good asparagus season.